Bazookas restaurant also allows you to enjoy our taste in all private activities and we offer KATERINE SERVICE. If needed just contact us and we will offer you the best options available.

Bazookas Restaurant lets you enjoy 3 different halls, external, internal and private meeting room, in every hall you will have the comfort and privacy you deserve.

Proudly generaleños and with more than 8 years of experience in the kitchen area, our clients qualifies us as the # 1 restaurant in the southern zone, according to the polls, thereby committing to continue the standards of quality and service that has characterized us during all these years.

Bazookas Restaurant originates from the need to create a place which would be different, unique and of great variety where you can enjoy quality products, excellent service and a good price.


The restaurant staff at Bazookas, Perez Zeledon, is attended by a dedicated and professional work team, full bilingual (English - Spanish) that will provide you with care and will serve in the best way, suggesting, if necessary or offering any kind of culinary orientation you want.





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We currently have an active space for more than 60 people and a special private room for business meetings or a particular event, it has a capacity for 20 people, and is available free of additional charge.

The cable TV service and wireless Internet service can be a distraction or a tool to make your stay enjoyable and pleasant as you enjoy our variety of dishes.

Our a la carte menu consists of over 140 different dishes, carefully prepared by our chef and work team. Besides a very unique variety of specials that will take you to enjoy the different disciplines the art of international cuisine.

One of the specialties of the house are our cuts of meat which are cooked over hot coals, and are of export quality, which you will enjoy the delicious flavor and tenderness of a true American court.

In addition to our regular menu we have also issued an executive lunch special menu, varied and of high quality at an affordable price and accessible to the public and private employees.

Besides these services, we also have offers such as mileage accrual. That is to accumulate miles according to consumption made in Bazookas, these can be exchanged according to a scale which corrspeonds to consumption certificates ranging from ₵5000 to ₵30000.

NEW ... .. Bazookas Restaurant offers a new buffet CATERING SERVICE, Fully equipped and with a professional team who are responsible to make sure your event or private party is the difference in taste and quality.

Thank you for your attention and the opportunity to present our business as a different and reliable alternative, of which we are sure will be a good option for your company or institution.












Recommended for Dominical Restaurants



Bazookas Restaurant.


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Our Address: San Isidro del General.  Al lado de la estación de Gasolina Beto Solis.


Recommended for Dominical Restaurants